Spring Assessment Schedules and Information

Testing season is almost here at Twin Peaks Classical Academy.  As a PK-12 school, we get to do them all; the CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success), PSAT/SAT (Practice & Scholastic Assessment Test), and AP (Advance Placement) Exams.  

  • Assessment results culminate into the annual School Performance Framework to inform the community and our parents how well we are doing educating your student compared to other schools.

  • Our core mission is to prepare your child to be literate and numerate.

  • The CMAS which is administered in elementary and middle school not only measure skills, but they lay the foundation for test taking stamina.

  • The PSAT and SAT are gateways for college acceptance and scholarships.

  • AP exams can potentially count as college credits, saving the student and their family significant tuition dollars.

Please read the attached testing letters and information to make sure you have all of the information for testing dates, times, and schedules. 

Elementary Assessment Letter 

6-12th grade Assessment Letter