Four high school students at Twin Peaks Classical Charter Academy tuition-free public school sitting at classroom tables discussing books with a teacher

At Twin Peaks Classical Academy, we love to take new families on tours of our campus and answer questions they may have about our PK-12 tuition-free charter school. We get asked about our classical curriculum, our arts and athletics programs, our lunch menus and our uniform policy. But one of the questions we hear the most frequently: “Why Latin?” It’s a great question, and we can think of countless ways to answer it. Here are our top 7!  

1. It’s Central to Our Classical Education

Our PK-12 curriculum builds on the Classical Education stages of Grammar (Elementary), Logic (Middle School) and Rhetoric (High School), and Latin is an integral component of this process for all ages. At Twin Peaks, we expose students to Latin in the early elementary grades through daily classroom curriculum. Students progress into Latin classes in 4th and 5th grades, and have the option to take Latin I and Latin II in middle school.  Our high school offers elective Latin III and AP Latin, which is roughly equivalent to an upper intermediate college or university course. 

2. It’s the Root of English Grammar

Nearly two thirds of English words are derived from Latin, so studying Latin can provide key insights into English language learning.  Understanding Latin helps students decode longer and more complicated words, improving vocabulary and grammar in the process.

3. It Opens Doors to Other Languages 

About 90 percent of the vocabulary of Romance Languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) comes from Latin. Learning Latin helps to build a base of language that will enable students to more easily master other languages in older grades. 

4. It Helps Us Understand English Literature

Twin Peaks students study Classic literature by Dante, Locke, Milton, Tolkien, Shakespeare, Chaucer, and more. Our students’ knowledge of Latin helps with reading comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure, and content used by these great authors of classic works.

5. It Sharpens Minds

Latin is a highly organized and logical language. Studying Latin cultivates mental alertness and attention to detail, develops critical thinking, and enhances problem solving abilities. It’s proven that studying Latin leads to an increase in scores on standardized tests, and may be part of the reason why Twin Peaks students average the 7th highest SAT scores in the state!

6. It’s All Around Us

From our dollar bill to courtroom jargon and language used by our elected officials, Latin is everywhere in our day to day lives. Students who study Latin gain an understanding of the deeper meaning behind terms like “AM” and “PM”; “et cetera”, “alibi”, “multi”, “versus”, “intro” and so much more. 

7. It’s Fun!

Deciphering the “secret code” of Latin and learning how to puzzle-solve, decoding the meanings behind words, and reading great authors is a pleasure that will last students a lifetime. Why not start today?

Latin is fundamental to a Classical Education at Twin Peaks Classical Academy. Are you interested in learning more about how Twin Peaks can be a fit for your child? Contact us and enroll in our tuition-free charter school today!

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