win Peaks Classical Academy tuition-free charter school student working with a ruler and notebook at her desk

From private to public, there are lots of school options for families in the Longmont area. Many of them end at 5th and again at 8th grade, at which point your child will need to move to another school. Twin Peaks Classical Academy is a K-12 charter school that offers tuition-free education on one campus for all ages. Why choose a K-12 school? For so many reasons!

Sequential Learning

Our classical curriculum is a sequential model of learning that builds on the Classical Education stages of Grammar (Elementary), Logic (Middle School) and Rhetoric (High School), with Latin as an integral component for all ages. Classical Education is not just an academic plan - we also develop wisdom and knowledge in the whole student. Students who stay in our school year-after-year benefit from this model, graduating with critical thinking abilities that draw on a solid foundation of reading, writing and math skills.  

Personal Connections

Twin Peaks Classical Academy students develop family-like bonds and friendships with their classmates and teachers. Our students spend years together, sharing developmental stages and milestones. We love watching them grow into young adults, and our small-school learning environment ensures that we know each learner - and their families! - personally. 

Stronger Social Skills

Remaining in one school eliminates the social and academic stresses that can result from changing schools every few years. It also builds social skills by fostering deeper relationships between students - friendships that can last a lifetime! From a staff perspective, our K-12 model gives us the opportunity to establish a culture of respect for teachers and each other that is reinforced year after year.

Tailored Education

Our K-12 learning model gives us the time to get to know each student’s academic strengths and challenges. From mentorship opportunities for older students, to enrichment opportunities and tutoring help, we are able to quickly identify and intervene with programs and services that are beneficial to each unique learner. And our teachers work together on behalf of their students, regularly sharing best practices and insights to support every student as they grow through our school. 

It’s Easy!

Our single K-12 campus makes it easy for families to coordinate transportation and school activities for children in different grades. In addition, enrollment at Twin Peaks means that parents won’t have to spend time and effort navigating middle and high school applications, open houses, transcript requests and shadow days. 

There are so many reasons that Twin Peaks Classical Academy’s K-12 learning model can be a great fit for your family. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us and enroll in our tuition-free charter school today!

About Twin Peaks Classical Academy

Twin Peaks Classical Academy is a tuition-free charter school serving PK-12 grade students in the Longmont, CO area. Our traditional Classical Education curriculum connects students with a higher purpose by inspiring knowledge and developing character. Students are supported by a tight-knit community of caring teachers and staff and engaged families. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.