Twin Peaks Classical Academy tuition-free charter school graduates in caps and gowns walking through school hallway

The end of the year is a bittersweet time at Twin Peaks Classical Academy. The excitement of heading off to summer break is always tempered by the emotions of saying goodbye to our wonderful high school graduates. Some students have been here for their entire PK-12 education, and their families are an integral part of our school community. Others became Timberwolves in middle or high school, but are just as valued as contributors to our school’s success. Either way, we will miss you…and congratulations!

A Solid Foundation for the Future

Twin Peaks helps each of our students create a foundation for academic success beyond high school. From 16 options for high school AP classes to academically rigorous honors classes in middle and high school, our students are accessing private school level curriculum at a tuition-free price. Our Classical Education inspires a love of learning at all grades, challenging students to question and think independently about topics in history, english, science, and more. When you leave here, you’ll be ready to successfully continue your education in whatever setting you choose.

Choices for Tomorrow

As a top school in the state of Colorado, we have the attention of admissions officers in colleges and universities across the country. We invite college and military recruiters to visit our campus throughout the school year. These meet-and-greets are a great opportunity for our high school students to get questions answered and better understand the upcoming application process. We also visit nearby colleges in school sanctioned field trips - a valuable way to get a feeling for a school and see if it’s a fit for your goals. 

The Goals Are Yours

At Twin Peaks we believe that every student is unique, and we help to create pathways that get you to your goals. Every incoming freshman at Twin Peaks meets with an academic advisor to start setting post-graduate goals. Our assistant principals then help students assess their skills and interests and follow them throughout their high school career to track their progress towards their goals. These academic pathways can be easily adjusted as goals change and new interests develop. And if you experience any challenges along the way, we offer a robust program of tutoring options that help all learners succeed.

Twin Peaks Classical Academy is the first step in success in college and beyond. Are you ready for your future? Contact us and enroll in our tuition-free OK-12th grade charter school today!

About Twin Peaks Classical Academy

Twin Peaks Classical Academy is a tuition-free charter school serving PK-12 grade students in the Longmont, CO area. Our traditional Classical Education curriculum connects students with a higher purpose by inspiring knowledge and developing character. Students are supported by a tight-knit community of caring teachers and staff and engaged families. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.