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At Twin Peaks Classical Academy (TPCA), the safety of our students and staff is a top priority. In recent years, many public and private K-12 schools have taken steps to tighten security. However, protocols can vary widely by school. In June 2023, TPCA drafted an enhanced School Security Plan, outlining a variety of initiatives to ensure safety at our tuition-free charter school. Here’s a look at what we are doing to maintain a safe and secure learning environment at TPCA.

Personal Connections

The most important element of school security starts with relationships. TPCA’s tight-knit small-school setting enables our staff and teachers to know every student - and their families - personally. Our close relationships with our families help us reach out to students who may be struggling, with resources to support any crisis. We partner with Colorado’s Safe 2 Tell Program, which empowers students and families to anonymously report any concerns directly to our school. 

Facility Enhancements

TPCA’s school campus includes locked doors that are monitored routinely; entry protocols; and upgraded internal and external camera systems. Next year’s proposed bond will fund upgrades to all of our doors; elementary and secondary vestibule upgrades; and an upgraded alarm system that will be integrated with our cameras.

Staff Training

TPCA staff and faculty undergo rigorous annual training around school safety measures, including Standard Response Protocol. This year prior to the start of school we  contracted with an outside consultant for enhanced school shooter training. Many TPCA staff are certified in first-aid, cpr, and AED use. 

Police & Fire Partnership

Our location in the heart of Longmont ensures very quick response times by 911 calls. We maintain an excellent partnership with local first responders, and the Longmont Police Department works closely with designated TPCA School Security Officers and our third party private security guards. 

Armed Security Officers

New this year, TPCA has contracted with a security service to provide two uniformed armed security guards on campus. Their role is crisis deterrence and response, and they do not have a role in the student discipline process. A select number of TPCA staff members are also designated as School Security Officers  and are carrying  concealed handguns. 

These are just some of the ways that Twin Peaks Classical Academy ensures the safety of our K-12 students in a tuition-free charter school environment. Are you interested in learning more about how TPCA can be a fit for your child? Contact us and enroll today!

About Twin Peaks Classical Academy

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