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Julie Ahrens
Kindergarten Teacher
Elementary Kindergarten
Amy Anderson
Human Resources
Erika Anderson
HS HistoryTeacher
Secondary Social Sciences
Padma Avula
Elementary Instructional Assistant
Building Support Staff
Pooja Bahirat
Elementary Secretary and Attendance Secretary
Building Support Staff
Andrea Bain
Elementary Sped Para
Elementary Special Services
Derek Bernard
MS/HS Science Teacher
Secondary Science
Marissa Blaszczyk
Special Projects/Registrar
Building Support Staff
Amber Borcherdt
Grade 3 Teacher
Elementary Specials
Nancy Box
Elementary Latin
Alycia Burns
MS Principal
Emily Carr
Health Clerk
Building Support Staff
Erin Cartmell
MS/HS Art Teacher
Secondary Electives
Leslie Chrysler
Preschool Teacher
Amber Coniff
Principal K-5
Rachel Cook
HS Assistant Principal
Leigh Drake
Grade 2 Teacher
Elementary 2nd grade
Lindsey Fedick
Grade 1 Teacher
Elemenary 1st grade
Colleen Finlayson
Grade 4 Teacher
Molly Finnegan
MS Math Teacher
Secondary Math