Did you miss graduation? No need to worry. Watch it on the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kQtQaslr6nzk9etkqqjPTLm7MJeU3o-4/view?usp=sharing Be sure to watch the speeches from our Salutatorian, Jack Ulmer, at the 26:35 mark and our Valedictorian, Rohit Thapa, at the 30:15 mark.
about 18 hours ago, David Yu
It may be chilly, but Field Day is on! Come cheer on your Timberwolf! 8:15 - 9:45 1st/2nd Grade Field Day 10:00-11:30 3rd/4th/5th Grade Field Day
about 20 hours ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
Due to weather concerns, we will make a decision by 8:00AM on Tuesday morning regarding Field Day. Be looking for another message then.
1 day ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
Yannis Diby finished off one of the best seasons in TPCA history with a second place finish at the State Track meet this morning. Congratulations to Yannis, he was supported at the meet by his coaches, and 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist in the High Jump, Matt Hemingway.
3 days ago, Cameron Wright
Silver Medal
on the podium
with Matt Hemingway
Reminder! We have finals beginning next week. There will be no early releases from finals sessions. If a student finishes early – they will remain in class until the end of the testing period. Please refrain from picking up students in the middle of a period as it causes disruption and distraction to the testing environment. Thank you and good luck next week!
5 days ago, Twin Peaks Classical Academy
Celebrating these Kindergarteners' promotion to 1st grade!
5 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
We have all items from our Lost and Found in the Elementary Lobby starting through Tuesday, May 24th. The front office has jewelry, glasses and other smaller items. All items not picked up by Tuesday morning will be donated.
6 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
These students all earned awards for their participation in the 100 Mile Club this year!
9 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
Elementary End of Year Events - Follow-up We noticed that if you are only using the app, our document does not pull up correctly. Here is an image with the dates/times of Elementary end of year events, that is hopefully more helpful! Happy Friday!
12 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
end of year
It is not too late - Sign up for our Summer Sports Camps - Check twinpeaksclassical.org for all the info! https://www.twinpeakscharter.org/page/summer-sports-camps
13 days ago, Cameron Wright
Summer Sports Camp
Summer Sports Camp
Summer Sports Camps
In the last couple of weeks of school, there is quite a bit happening on the Elementary side. Please follow the link below to see an outline of the end of year events. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13ayX2c2PS2xK2-C2qdInrl6A3UvNMkltkMXQeuPHzqk/edit?usp=sharing
13 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
Middle School Social - Games, Concessions, and Music. 3:30 -5:30 in the South Courtyard at TPCA! All Middle School students welcome, come join in the FUN!!
15 days ago, Cameron Wright
Spring Social Poster
Using special equipment, AP Biology students analyzed DNA to determine their genotype for an Alu repeat of the PV92 locus on chromosome 16. The students extracted, amplified using a polymerase chain reaction, and separated through gel electrophoresis their own DNA. The students then used the results of the experiment to discuss whether the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and analyzed their results using a chi-square analysis.
15 days ago, David Yu
DNA Lab 1
DNA Lab 2
DNA Lab 3
Our Preschool had some intense learning on our field trip to the WOW museum!
22 days ago, Leslie Chrysler, Preschool Director/Teacher
preschool field trip
Thanks to PTO and all the volunteers who helped Spring Spruce Up on Saturday! The planters look great!
23 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
Congratulations to Shanell Turk, Aaron Moe, and Derek Bernard. Ms. Turk was awarded the Teacher Of The Year award for Twin Peaks Classical Academy. Dr. Moe and Mr. Bernard were finalists.
24 days ago, David Yu
Teacher of the Year
1st Graders are learning about money. What better way to learn than to go shopping at the in class "bakery"?
26 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
4th graders enjoyed some dissection at the Museum of Nature and Science today!
26 days ago, Amber Coniff, Elementary Principal
field trip
field trip
field trip
field trip
Happy Friday, Timberwolves! Please see the attached video update from Mr. Mehsling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8QeFFhbN-E
26 days ago, Twin Peaks Classical Academy
Twin Peaks Classical Academy
The Twin Peaks Classical Academy Board of Directors is seeking interested parent volunteers to assist in planning an end of the year fundraising event for May 2023. Planning is in the early stages and we'd love your help. If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Jose Rodriguez at rodriguezlopez_jose@svvsd.org or Tammy Anglund at anglund_tammy@svvsd.org.
27 days ago, Twin Peaks Classical Academy
Twin Peaks Classical Academy